With extensive and diverse facilities, a substantial staff and a deep range of amenities, it would be easy for us to lose sight of our purpose. Fortunately, we’ve boiled it down to five principles that define and drive us and inform every decision we make.


We feel the best way to be young and to stay young is to keep playing and to keep having fun. If you see us smiling, it’s because we know we have the best job in the world and work in what boils down to one big playground. And when you’re in the club, we want to do everything in our power to ensure you’re having fun, too. Play early. Play often. Play on.


We’re just like your family, minus the arguments about who gets to hold the remote. And since we’re a family, we appreciate the significance of yours. We take seriously the opportunity to provide an environment for you and the ones you care about to get healthy, happy and just have fun.


We’re sort of fanatical about hospitality. We live to make our guests feel welcomed and valued. Come in once, we’ll know your face. Come in twice, we’ll know your name. Come in three times, we’ll know you back into your parking spot, like two extra towels and occasionally hum the theme from Rocky when you’re on the treadmill.


We know trust is something that is not freely given and can be quickly lost. That’s why we do what we say we will and nothing less. If you find that’s not case, please let us know via suggestion box, email or just by pointing and saying, “that guy.” We’ll make it right.


Caring is in the DNA of our club — from leadership to staff to the members that we serve. Genuinely good people tend to gravitate to our club. And when they do, we hire them, slap a name badge on them and make sure they stick around a long time, making our club awesome and our members amazingly content.

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